Nige is a professional urban, landscape and travel photographer as well as a freelance Software Consultant.

He opened his Instagram account in 2013 and after a year of taking random photos with Mobile Phone Cameras and basic Compact Cameras he started to see the limitations of these devices.

In 2014 he bought his first DSLR camera and began to develop his knowledge of Long Exposure photography and video editing. This is where Nige found his distinct style of photography.

Since then Nige’s social media presence has grown rapidly with Mobile, Drone, DSLR and Time-lapse photography.

He regularly works with large brands, speaks at photography clubs and hosts photography workshops. Nige loves Social Media because of the daily diversity of amazing and inspiring content you see from locations around the world and the vast friendly community behind it.



  • 16 Mar 2019
    13:30 - 14:00

    Social media photography: Long exposure, timelapse, and going viral